April 2024, "i'm not a hero" Ausstellungsraum M54, Basel, Exhibition "enreée et hommage"

Art in architecture project for the office of
Pro Senectute beider Basel. 2023

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8.12.23 - 12.1.2024

Life during wartime

Offspace Spot, Markthalle Basel, Steinentorberg 20, 4051 Basel

Dienstag bis Freitag, 17.30 - 20.30 Uhr

In an artistically sensitive reflection, fourteen artists come together to negotiate life in times of war. The wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip are currently very explosive. The project aims to engage the audience with narrative elements.

The artists and curators are:

Yota Tsotra, Markus Goessi, Birgit Kempker, Stephan Wittmer, Nika Timashkova, Rainer Barzen, Sibylle Völkin, Ingrid Roscheck, Sibylle Feucht, stöckerselig, Anna Byskov, Nicolas Clair, Pat Treyer, Matthias Aeberli

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17.11 - 19.11.2023

Wild Gardens

stöckerselig, Violette Fassbaender and Arnold Annen

The exhibition Wild Gardens shows painterly works, drawings and ceramic objects by Violette Fassbaender, Arnold Annen and stöckerselig.

The exhibited works by stöckerselig tell of a journey through time and show how ideas and stories change and develop.

Arnold Annen's works in porcelain are a masterpiece of perfection.

Violette Fassbaender's multi-layered objects are reminiscent of weathered farmland and create an atmosphere of transience and change.

The exhibition is a tribute to the beauty inherent in time and the creative process.

november, 2022

Will you give us your heart?

Performance of heart tone concert in St. Gallen at a semi private event with invited guests


15 - 26 June 2022

Festival Cultures Urbaines Roubaix

Will you give us your heart?

stöckerselig have been working with heart sounds for three decades, creating site-specific installations. The interest in this work has never been so great as right now! Do the past months show us how fragile the balance between nature, culture and progress is? Is it because of the new sensitivity to the vulnerability of our systems? Are we moving closer to the question of what we can do and shape as individuals and what we can do with collective power?

For the Roubaix project, stöckerselig are entering into an interdisciplinary collaboration with Basel-based percussionist and composer Fritz Hauser. The artists collect heart sounds from innovative people and create an auditory work together with Fritz Hauser. They bring together heart sounds from people from different fields of work and different living spaces, with the aim of making it possible to experience sensually how each individual is part of our shared reality.

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June 04 - September 03, 2022

«The Punishment Of Luxury»

Too much of a good thing. Art and abundance.

Do you also always want to have the most beautiful, the most expensive and the most valuable?

The Kunsthalle 8000 in Wädenswil shows under the title "The Punishment Of Luxury" eleven artistic positions in different media, from panel painting to spatial works and photography to video installation, with which the thematic field of luxury and punishment is illuminated from the most diverse angles.


January, 2022


Watch out :))

stöckerselig is visiting the Hiltibold in St.Gallen with the art mafia.


HILTIBOLD / Plattform für aktuelle Kunst, Stützmauer an der Magnihalde / Goliathgasse 15 / 9000 St.Gallen / hiltibold.ch


July 3, 2021

Without us no art!

Because we are the humus on which the lighthouses sprout.

Reclaim Cultural Surplus No. 2, Basel
Demo for the concerns of art

Not only since the Covid-19 crisis the conditions for art production and presentation are precarious. It is time to join forces and manifest better conditions for the free art scene.