stöckerselig have been working with heart sounds for three decades, creating site-specific installations. The interest in this work has never been so great as right now! Do the past months show us how fragile the balance between nature, culture and progress is? Is it because of the new sensitivity to the vulnerability of our systems? Are we moving closer to the question of what we can do and shape as individuals and what we can do with collective power?

For this project, stöckerselig are entering into an interdisciplinary collaboration with Basel-based percussionist and composer Fritz Hauser. The artists collect heart sounds from innovative people and create an auditory work together with Fritz Hauser. They bring together heart sounds from people from different fields of work and different living spaces, with the aim of making it possible to experience sensually how each individual is part of our shared reality. The heart sound concert as a musical work sensitizes, emotionalizes and demonstrates how living organisms create connections and build a utopia for this world with joint strength.

In October 2022 the composition will be performed in stereo for the sponsors in space Basel and premiered in November 2022 in St. Gallen as a spatial 6.1 composition.