Not realized: Project for a retirement center built in the middle of nature. Teufen, 2007
We thematize on the walls reserved for the art intervention, this nature.
In contrast, however, to the «wide view» of the landscape, a «close-up view» of the small moments in the landscape is created.
We take the complexity of «reality» as the starting point for the technical implementation of our artistic intervention. Our work is composed of three levels.
example: screen printing on glass
Level 1: Enlarged drawings of plant landscapes are milled into forex plates using a CNC three-dimensional milling machine.
Level 2: Cutouts of planting motifs are screened and applied to the forex plates using screen printing.
Level 3: Finely screened plant motifs are printed onto glass using ceramic screen printing. This creates the impression of reverse painting on glass
Through these three levels, a complex pictorial information is created, which abducts into a sensual world and can be «read» differently again and again.
example: screen printing on glass